Are you looking for a different approach to the management of your community? Are you tired of feeling like a number? Our unique day to day management of residential communities and assets is the main focus of Kane Residential. We manage each individual asset with special attention to the goals and objectives of the ownership group. We realize that property management is not a “one size fits all” type of business. In our care, your community will not be a number but will be an asset that both our regional and corporate leadership team knows intimately and understands. Our innovative and pioneering approaches to building value, teams, and communities result in a greater return on your investment. We manage your communities as if they are our own thus creating an environment where our site teams understand the value associated with increasing income and wise spending habits.

Our history of building partnerships with vendors and suppliers has resulted in greater savings and better negotiating results for our investors, owners and residents. Additionally, we have found creative ways to market and brand the communities in our portfolios which allow for higher occupancies and market rents without the traditional advertising expenses which are considered standard requirements in most management firms.

The key to our success and yours is in our unique recruitment, hiring, training and career development methods. We hire first for character, second for ability and third for experience, thus creating a team with one passionate focus – excellence in all we do! We train and motivate our teams to provide an environment where customer loyalty thrives and grows. Our teams benefit from one on one sales, customer service and technology skills training. They are the best and brightest in their field and more importantly they are enthusiastic about managing and leasing assets in new and exciting ways.

Our corporate support teams are committed to excellence as well. We practice sound financial accounting methods with a focus on accuracy and timely delivery of reporting packages to you, our clients. Additionally, we provide flexibility for your desired reporting formats and real time access to property management software. Our development and maintenance support team provide many years of experience and expertise to assist the site teams with preventative maintenance, fire, life and safety, and risk management programs in addition to the routine repairs and maintenance needed daily in our portfolio.

Kane Residential’s holistic inclusion of innovative solutions creates a refreshing alternative for property owners, investors, customers and employees desiring a more evolved management experience. From driving revenue, to creating memorable customer experiences, to engaging our employees, to upholding market expertise, to setting new trends in all aspects of property management; we are committed to exceeding your expectations.